Most people see business as a “masculine” skill set, one focused primarily on marketing and sales, but as women, we need our “feminine” skills to truly transform lives. There’s a misconception around what it really takes to succeed because most people don’t understand when to use which skill. Most women are leaning into their feminine and struggling to earn revenue, while other women are starting to feel like a “man” and it’s affecting their marriages.

You probably didn’t know that business is just like any other skill we develop, it takes balancing our energies to truly find success or reach our goals. In the 60’s, pre-feminist era, business was a man’s world — if you’ve ever watched Mad Men, you know what I’m talking about. Wearing tight sweaters and hip-hugging pencil skirts got you noticed, but times have changed. Women can start a business and dominate a niche (and wear whatever she wants), and still be taken seriously.

Discovering your Higher Calling can show you your God-given talents and weaknesses. It can show you who you are meant to serve, your Kismet Clients®, and how to use your skills to deepen your connections and ultimately grow your business. It can also give the mindset to tackle any “masculine” skill with ease because when you’re vibrating high, technological tasks and closing the sale become part of your anatomy, not just a skill you acquire!

This is the missing link you’ve been craving in your business. With your Higher Calling, you’ll finally have the secrets to starting, building, and widening your business with precision and grace. You’ll be able to use technology and candle ceremonies to serve as many people as you can while freeing up your time to take care of your mind, body, and spirit.
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-Angel Quintana
Founder, Holistic Fashionista
Use your feminine skills to tap into and develop deep empathy to discover exactly what problem you solve and what products to offer.
How to magnify your sales and free up your time to work on the projects you love, by learning the secrets of online marketing the holistic way!
Learn the difference between a Gateway Problem vs. a Root Problem, and which one to lean into to attract your Kismet Clients®.
How the "boys" are building their brands online and how us ladies can make a splash using this business model AND our feminine skills!
What fears are getting in the way of your success, what it really takes to succeed online, and a ceremony to push you beyond your limits.
Transform thousands of lives in any given niche as a lightworker using the Internet as your #1 tool for global change. Let me show you how!
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